Our Events

Our events are currently on hold due to the lockdown period, but once we can confirm dates, we will update the list with the latest dates and times, so keep an eye on this page.

Our Classes

recreational classes
Recreational Class

This class is ideal for those who haven’t tried cheer before and want to learn all aspects to include Tumble, Jumps, Stunts and Dance.

This is a fun class, non competitive. Great way to try cheer, make new friends and have fun! Ideal for ages 5 years to 12.

Saturdays during term times from 9am till 10am

Rainbow Team Logo

Rainbows are a new competitive team for 2020.

Rainbows are a Youth Novice 1 team that will be
competing at two competitions this year. Age ranges from 5 – 12 years. This team is an introductory
team to competitive cheer.

They learn to tumble, stunt, jump and dance like all of our other competitive teams, but with much less pressure due to only competing twice with a 2 minute routine but get a great understanding for what to expect with full competitive teams. These kids are sure to bring a smile to your face when they take the floor this year.

Starlets Team Logo

Starlets are a full competitive Youth Level 1 team.

This team is mostly made up of members who
have competed before with some new athletes added for this season.

They will be competing at all 5 competitions our club will be attending this year with a full 2 minute 30 second routine. These gals really are the up and coming stars of the club.

Cyclone Team Logo

Cyclones are our Senior Level 1 team.

This team really is a family. It is not their first season and it definitely shows, with their past experience, friendship and skills making them one of the strongest teams in the club.

When they hit the floor this year, hold on tight as they will blow you away.

Tsunami Team Logo

Tsunami are our our only Level 2 Senior this year.

This team is an amalgamation of our youth 2
Hurricanes with our Senior 2 Thunder with some newbies to create an unstoppable force.

Tsunami will be competing at all of the competitions this year and are sure to wipe out the competition.

Tornados Team Logo

Tornados are our Senior level 3 team.

Tornados will compete at all comps this season. What started as a small twister team this season has turned into a full blown Tornado ready to lead a path to

Inferno Team Logo

Inferno are a new Co-ed team to the club for 2020.

They are our top team competing as Senior Level 4 at all comps this season with years of experience under the belt of all athletes.

Prepare the burn gel as these guys are ready to leave their mark on New Zealand cheer.