Meet Our Committee


Introducing Rebecca

Hi, I’m Rebecca – Chairperson & Founder of Bay Twisters.

I set up Bay Twisters in 2013 all thanks to my daughter Anna who was doing Cheerleading in Auckland, moved to Tauranga and no Cheer Club here so Bay Twisters was born. Anna whose 18 has travelled the world doing Cheer and also a credentialled coach, I also have Brookie whose 13 and the super arty and funny family member – she also does Cheer.

I run Bay Twisters full time, all voluntary but love what I do and have achieved thanks to the amazing committee, supportive husband, great coaches and amazing athletes and parents.

Introducing Tamsin

I’m Tamsin. Lilly, my daughter is in Tornadoes and this is her 4th year of Cheer.

I joined the committee 3 years ago after I started help coach.

I was once a NZ National gymnastic winner. Atter, I went on to coach with my sister, we lived in Saudi Arabia at the time and coached young members of the Saudi Royal family.

Toby and I have 3 children and I work full time at Paper Plus.

I love being a part of the Bay Twisters family. My favourite part is competitions watching the athletes compete after hours of blood sweat and tears makes my heart warm

Introducing Jono Mewis

Hi I’m Jono Mewis, I have now been part of the club for 3 years.

I have 2 girls both doing Cheerleading, Keira who is 13, and Caylee who is 7, my wife even did an adult team last year!


Introducing Andrea

Hi, I’m Andrea, mum of Jessica who is in the Starlets.

We are reasonably new to cheer but I have loved the positivity and confidence cheer had given my daughter. I have volunteered for the Committee to try and give a bit back to show gratitude for that.


Introducing Brooke

Hi, I’m Brooke, Haven’s mom. Haven joined Starlets about a year ago.

I was a cheerleader in America for 5 years through schooling. It had a big impact on me connecting mind, body, and spirit which has lead me to now teaching yoga. I can see the same benefits happening for Haven, as well as her growth in confidence and skill.

I volunteered for the committee to be a part of a positive environment and to be of service.


Introducing Paul

Hi, I’m Paul (the supportive husband).

I have been involved in Cheer since Rebecca set up Bay Twisters in 2013. I bring to the table experience of running a business to include accounting, running staff and day to day running to make a business successful. I will be looking after HR, Communication and planning for the 2021 season so we are way ahead for the year.